Plate, Me to You

    BPA Free
  • BPA Free
  • Drop Resistant
  • Drop Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight

Baboo plate from Me to You collection is perfect for your little one at the start of the journey to solid foods. The plate’s durability is ensured by high quality polypropylene, which makes it impact and drop resistant. So no matter how many times your little one throws the plate off the high chair, it will survive.

To make feeding times a positive experience for the baby, Baboo plate features a colourful and engaging design. Soft colours together with illustration of the cutest Tatty Teddy Bear will keep your little one’s attention and motivate him or her to eat.

Besides being durable, the plate is lightweight too. It will help parent’s manoeuvre the plate in one hand, while trying to spoon-feed with another. For added benefit, it can be used to microwave food, removing the hassle of moving the food from one plate to another.

We would recommend to use the plate together with the innovative Baboo spoons that are available in multiple designs. Wash it in warm water with a gentle detergent or put it into your dishwasher’s upper compartment.

The Baboo plate from Me to You collection is suitable for children over 6 months. As all Baboo products, the plate is completely safe and BPA free.

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